VYB (vibe) is an American pop rock band from Atlanta, consisting of Tom Belau (vocals and keys), Noah Phillips (guitar), and Ryan Jones (drums). VYB formed in the fall of 2018 and immediately started working on a collection of music. Their debut album, Mood Swings dropped on all major music platforms on March 27th 2020.

The Journey to the creation of VYB started in the Fall of 2018 when singer Tom Belau set out to assemble a band to accompany him with a solo EP. Tom tried and failed with multiple musicians until finding Noah Phillips (guitar), Ryan Jones (drums) and Bailey Crone (former bassist) on a website called Bandmix. The group got along so well that they collectively decided to scrap Tom's solo work and move forward as an entirely new entity, thus creating VYB. VYB hit 2019 hard, releasing four indie pop singles and recording an entire album with Atlanta producer Damon Moon. Throughout their first year as a band, they made a name for themselves locally, headlining Atlanta venues such as, Smith's Olde Bar, 529, The Drunken Unicorn and being featured at many more. On March 27th 2020, VYB released their debut album, Mood Swings and are currently gearing up for the rest of the year. To keep with with all their musical endeavors, follow them on social media! Links below:

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