VYB (vibe) is an American pop rock band from Atlanta, consisting of Tom Belau (vocals and keys), Noah Phillips (lead guitar), Bailey Crone (bass), and Ryan Jones (drums). VYB formed in the fall of 2018 and immediately started working on a collection of music. They're now four singles deep and gearing up for an album release in early 2020.

The journey to creating VYB all started in the Spring of 2018, when Tom Belau (lead singer) released a self produced solo EP on music platforms. With the release of his EP, Tom realized he needed a band to accompany him while performing live, so he started searching. After months of trying and failing to make it work with different musicians in Atlanta, he started losing faith in his music. On one last hope to connect with musicians, Tom joined a website called BandMix, a website designed to help musicians connect and create with each other. Within the first couple weeks on this website, Tom found guitarist, Noah Phillips. Fast forward about two weeks when Tom reached out to Bailey Crone (bass) on BandMix. Bailey was originally brought on to play drums for the band, but when finding a bassist proved troublesome, Bailey decided to move from drums to bass guitar. The next day, Tom messaged Ryan Jones (drums) on BandMix, thus finding the final piece to the puzzle. Although Noah, Bailey and Ryan were recruited to support Tom with his solo work, the four bonded so quickly on a musical and personal level that they collectively decided to scrap all of Tom's solo work and start fresh as an entirely new entity, thus creating VYB. The band officially announced themselves as VYB in September 2018 and started working on a collection of music. They hit the ground running early in 2019 with the release of their first single, Ocean Breeze on February 22nd. Since then, VYB have become regulars in the Atlanta music scene, playing in venues such as Smith's Olde Bar, 529, The Vinyl and being featured on Atlanta's Creative Loafing: Live From The Archives. VYB is now four singles deep into 2019 and are gearing up for an early 2020 album release! To keep with with all their musical endeavors, follow them on social media! Links below:

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