Deja Vu

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This vibrant alt-rock tune explores the idea of finding yourself in a romantic situation that seems too familiar, for better or for worse. Deja Vu is actually one of the first songs that VYB ever wrote and was originally slotted to be a track on their debut album, Mood Swings. However, the band could never get it to the point where they were happy with its composition, leaving it on the cutting room floor. 

After Mood Swings released in March of 2020 and the world immediately went into COVID-19 lockdown, Tom, Noah and Ryan decided to revisit the tune once again. They started by completely gutting the song of everything except the key and lyrics. The rewrite consisted of heavier, power chord driven guitars and a more explosive drum beat. After recording and producing the new version of the song at Off The Record Studio, Deja Vu was exactly what VYB envisioned. 

Deja Vu was the perfect introduction to the new era of VYB, showcasing the bands new direction while still keeping the most popular sounds and styles of their first album. Working with Akshay Thomas at Andromeda Films on what would be a Vevo branded music video helped bring VYBs aesthetic to the next level and opened up an entirely new platform for the band to reach viewers. 

As VYB continues to release material, Deja Vu continues to be remembered as the explosive new start to the bands new era.