Mood Swings

The indie-pop/rock collection of music that started it all, Mood Swings is VYBs debut album. Filled with musical peaks and valleys of emotion and intensity, the collection dips heavily into the usage of color to set its animated tone. 


The Mood Swings era of VYB started in February of 2019 when the band released their first single, Ocean Breeze. After the surprising level of success with the release, VYB sprung into action by booking gigs all over the Atlanta area and recording the rest of Mood Swings with Damon Moon at Standard Electric Recorders. By January of 2020, the band had released over half of Mood Swings as singles and their live performance had earned quite a reputation due to their immersive choreographed light show. In March of 2020, the band released the four remaining tracks of Mood Swings, completing the album. What should have been VYBs busiest summer yet quickly turned into the opposite with the world wide COVID-19 lockdown. With quarantine going into full effect and Bailey Jackson (Bassist) parting ways with VYB to pursue other musical endeavors, Tom, Ryan and Noah spent the following couple months planning for the next era of the band, which began with the release of Deja Vu in November of 2020. Although VYB's Mood Swings era did not end how anyone could anticipate, the foundations it built for VYB today can not be overstated. At its core, Mood Swings is a testament to friendship.

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Track Breakdown

Can't Do It Alone: This stadium rock inspired tune is an explosive start to the album that sets a tone of joy and intensity. This song down to its core is a tribute to VYB itself. Singer Tom Belau looked for over 3 years for best friends to start a band with. The song came naturally when he found Noah Phillips, Ryan Jones and Bailey Jackson.


Ocean Breeze: Unlike most of Mood Swings, Ocean Breeze is not a look into the past, but a vision for the future. The relaxing yet powerful drum beat combined with catchy guitar and bass riffs paints a sunset lit picture. Etherial hums and vibrant synthesizers fill the second half of the song, revving up intensity. The finale of Ocean Breeze is what it feels like to chew 5 Gum. 


Dangerously Addicted: Dangerously Addicted is a love song fit for a stadium. The roaring guitar hook matched with grooving bass riffs and in-your-face drum beats makes this song a favorite among the VYB fanbase. 


Dancing In The Rain: The distorted and unsettling ambience that begins Dancing In The Rain quickly takes the joyous bright tone of the previous tracks and shifts it into the opposite direction. This introspective confession takes the listener deep into Tom's head, as he narrates his own battles with anxiety and doubts. 


Now You've Gone: Now You’ve Gone is a rocket powered but heartfelt narrative about Tom, as he recollects memories of better times in his past. He spends this song referencing and speaking to a past version of himself; one that is more innocent and naive of the unforgiving world we live in. The hopeless tone of the lyrics combined with the powerful instrumentation make this song an emotional peak of the album.


Voices Gone: VYB ventures to new and exciting grounds when collaborating with Bathe Alone on dream pop and pop/rock infused Voices Gone. Ambient Drones, pulsing guitar delays and reverbed vocals fill the air in this beautifully haunting duet between Tom and Bathe Alone Singer, Bailey Jackson.  Voices Gone is a beautiful example of what can go right when fusing two musical genres together. 


Rip Tide: Drawing influence from old school rock and roll, Rip Tide is a fast paced adrenaline rush filled with howling guitar solos, violent drum beats and thunderous synthesizers. The anger that this song embodies brings an intensity matched by no other track on the album. 


Think Of You: Think Of You is a romantic ballad that speaks of a love lost, but not forgotten. The swung drum beat and booming bass give it a swagger that's unique to the album, while gained out guitars, vibrant synthesizers and undeniably genuine lyrics give it the classic VYB flare that fans know and love. 


The Island: Serving as the bombastic finale to the emotional roller coaster that is Mood Swings, The Island takes the best parts of VYB and doubles down. Just seconds into the song, the listener is hit with a wall of intensity that only gets stronger throughout. The Island is the perfect answer to the emotional distress of the previous few tracks, providing an ultimate release that'll have the listener jumping to the anthemic melodies. Tom (lead singer) considers The Island as the best song they have ever made.